Life’s ALT Key

Candle wax and string.So you’ve finished college. Now what? Suddenly, there is no carved-in-stone "next step." You can do whatever you want, but you haven’t had much experience in embarking out into the world on your own. It’s tempting to stay in the routine you’ve grown accustomed to. It’s familiar to you (why do you think so many students just keep going to school, on and on?) It was at this point in my life that I reached for the ALT key. On a keyboard, "the ALT key can help you access alt codes, or characters that aren’t readily available on a normal keyboard. These codes can be used to write in foreign languages, mathematical equations, or to add fun symbols to your messages."
Balloon shapes.That’s what I did, and you should too. Shake up your life. Do things you’ve never done before. Develop skills and talents that you’ve wanted to develop but have put off for one thing or another. Learn foreign languages, find a bank of knowledge you want to tap into, or just do fun things in life like learn how to make candles or balloon animals. We have an ALT key to access things like that on computers, why shouldn’t we have one for our lives too?

Education seems to always conjure up images of classrooms, textbooks, and overhead slides, but it’s more than that. Education is about developing your mind and body in ways you haven’t before. Check out my site and give your brain a little jumpstart on how to expand itself.

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